int main() (int argc char[] * argv)

“If you can’t debug you’re code when you are drunk, then you’ve written it wrong.” – _m

Why the term Crunchhead?  Because I admired the character of Richard MacDuff, because not only was he a programmer, but a musician, and a teacher.  He was able to take hard concepts and explain them.

Code isn’t a way to tell a machine to do something as much as it is a conversation between the code author and the code maintainer(s).  Which is more than likely the author himself, only after a few pints.

After you have to return to work from the pub to fix a crucial bug that has cropped up between check ins that you must fix right away, you will find obfuscation, laziness, and writing code like the cryptic notes between Illuminati only serve to keep you from returning back to the bar.


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